"Discover How To Give An INCREDIBLE Massage... Without A Fancypants Degree, Diploma, Or Course!"

Dear Friend:

If you're at all interested in learning how to give a GREAT massage... then I think you're really going to enjoy what I'm about to share with you.

But before I tell you about that, I suppose I should introduce myself. :-)

My name is Marsha Masters, and I LOVE to give and receive massages. I've been doing both for years now, and have a ton of experience.

Here's a pic:

learn how to give a great massage

I'm writing because a lot of people think it's really hard to give massages, and I want to show you the truth.

Thing is, it's REALLY easy to give a GREAT massage.

In fact, by the time we're done...

"You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Give An Amazing Massage."

It's true...

check You don't need to go to massage school

check You don't need any prequalification or education.

check You don't need to be loyal to any specific school of thought - an open mind is all that's required...

check You don't need to wait - you can start massaging as early as TODAY!

So many people get overwhelmed, and it's just not necessary. In fact if you're willing to listen...

"I'll Teach You Everything I Know."

Now, I'm not the best writer ever... but I'll give you a brief overview of everything I know.

Since I've been into massage for so long, I've learned...

check How to give the best hand massage your recipient will ever get (This trick only took me 5 minutes to learn)

check The best possible time to give a massage

check How to use reflexology to heal stress (I'm still shocked at how COOL this is!!!)

check How to teach others to give you a great massage so you can share the experience together

check What to do before any message that'll make your recipient appreciate it 10x more than they normally would (This is embarassingly simple, but highly unused.)

check What types of messages are most effective and when

 checkExactly what to do for a stiff neck (This is crucial and has come in handy many times.)

That's more of the basic stuff, but don't worry -

"I'll Teach You The 'Advanced' Stuff Too."

In fact, it's my goal that when you go through everything I teach you, you'll be giving world-class massages by the end of the day.

Here's some more of what you're going to learn:

checkWhat to do for a stiff spine

checkHow to instantly relieve stress for someone (I'm talking within a few minutes.)

checkThe best and most impactful massages to give if you're short on time

checkThe exact breathing exercise you should do before giving a massage

checkThe best possible lubricant you can use

checkWhat fire has to do with massage (You're going to be shocked at this.)

checkHow to properly support someone's head (You'll only need one common household item.)

checkWhat part of your hand is the best to use for applying pressure (A lot of people get this completely wrong.)

checkWhat your everyday posture means to your massage skills

check Where to NEVER (ever!) apply pressure…

checkHow to make someone STOP being ticklish in an area (This works a majority of the time and is really surprising.)

By the time I'm through teaching you everything...

"The Recipients Of Your Massages Will Adore You!"

Here's even more that you'll learn (see, I told you - you don't need to go to school for this!):

checkHow to develop rhythm

checkWhat a "sandwich hold" has to do with you delivering the best full body massage of someone's life

checkWhat the "fan stroke" is and how it'll revolutionize your recipient's life

checkSecret techniques that'll give you jaw-dropping power…

checkThe best way to use circular strokes

checkHow to use the unrelenting technique of side strokes to melt away stress like butter

checkHow to stretch the back, arms, legs, or sides (This isn't what you think.)

checkHidden secrets of "feathering"

checkWhat you should never - EVER - do before kneading

checkPrecisely when and how to use kneading (My clients ADORE this.)

checkWhat to do when you come across very tight spots

checkHow to instantly make people feel comfortable

checkHow to give mindblowing leg massages (Most people don't like these - because their masseuses didn't know what they were doing. Get it right and people will positively swoon over you.)

checkPrecisely how many times to travel down the back for the best possible results

checkExactly what to visualize for unbeatable massages

These things are REALLY helpful to know. You'll be giving incredible massages one you know them, and if you're like most people, you'll be having a blast.

   "You'll Love Making Such A Positive Difference In People's Lives."

Think about it - have you ever gotten a massage that made you feel like gold? One that melted away all your stress and instantly put you in a relaxed, peaceful mood?

That's exactly what you're going to be giving people who get massages from you.

Talk about a good deed!

I'm also going to show you things like…

checkA super-simple technique that banishes away stress for your recipient

checkAn incredible massage warm-up

checkThe specific finger positions you'll need for different massages (This is counterintuitive but amazing when executed)

checkHow to deal with ultra-sensitive parts of the body

checkThe perfect way to get someone to roll over (This isn't as easy as it sounds, and if not performed correctly, can completely screw up the massage.)

checkHow to position the neck perfectly - get this right and the whole body will benefit

checkHow to connect the head and the chest seamlessly

checkExactly how to massage the rib cage

checkHow to give the best belly massage EVER (And how to do it so that the recipient feels 100% comfortable the entire time.)

checkHow to use a "Crown Hold" when massaging the head and face

checkPrecisely how to give eye massages (This might sound weird, but I assure you that it feels INCREDIBLE when done correctly.)

checkHow to give spine-tingling feet massages

checkand much, much more.

As you can see, I go over different types of massages and how you can apply all of them. This way you don't have to worry if you're partial to one style of massage - it's all covered.

"Introducing: "Learn How To Give A Great Massage™ : A Step-By-Step, Hand-Holding Training Program That'll Take Anyone From Amateur To World-Class Masseuse."

I was originally going to teach this in a "classroom" format where I sent a new lesson every week, but then I wanted you to learn how to deliver a great massage starting TODAY.

Now you get the best of both worlds, because you get access to everything right away, but I've also broken everything down so that you get it all…

    *          Every single fundamental step
    *          Advanced tricks that'll award you complete massage mastery
    *          Different variations that you can experiment with
    *          How you can make money from massages
    *          …and much, much more.
Every lesson is laser-focused right "to the point" and lets you immediately learn. In fact, as soon as you order you'll receive your first lesson.

So I'll bet you're wondering,

"What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?"

Since the techniques here are the direct result of many years of experience studying and giving massages, I had a hard time figuring out what to price my knowledge at.

It's not the easiest thing to put a price tag on experience.

So I asked myself a few questions...

First, how many years would it take for you to discover everything I know (through trial and error)?

And would you even be able to massage with "the greats" like the people that work at these super-high-end salons?

And how much is your time worth to you?

$10 an hour? $50 an hour? More?

I don't know - pricing isn't really my forte, either.

Since I made 52 lessons originally, I was thinking that even if I sold each lesson at $10, I'd be practically giving away the course. That would be $520.

But then I thought I'd do even better than that, and was going to slash the price to $297, which is almost half.

I still think I might go up to that point, but right now, as part of my "Internet Introductory Offer", you can get access to everything for a one-time fee of $17

I'm well aware that a one-time fee of $17 is peanuts compared to the hundreds of dollars people are willing to pay me per hour, but I feel right doing this.

And I'd like you to be aware of something…

"Your Money Will Be Returned At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You're Unhappy."

I stand behind my materials 100% and know that you're going to be thrilled with the content, and more importantly, the looks people give you when you melt their stresses away.
But just so you know this is a perfectly secure purchase, know that a refund is available any time for the next 30 days by simply emailing me at marsha@learnhowtogiveagreatmassage.com.


Here's What To Do Now:

As soon as you put your payment information in, you'll get immediate access to everything inside the course. Like I said before, you can start giving great massages as early as today.

You'll immediately get the download information, and you can just click on the first lesson to begin. If you want, you can print out the lessons so you can read them from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Simply click the payment link below and I'll see you on the inside!

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Marsha Masters

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